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Stainless Steel Lid - Glass Honey Dispenser

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  • NO-DRIP GLASS DISPENSER - Stops those messy honey leaks while making your honey immediately available. Use it with sugar, maple syrup, chocolate syrup. No waiting and shaking the container to get your favorite sauce flowing. Simply press the release on the handle and it instantly flows out the bottom. Let go of the release and it immediately stops with no drips or messy trails.

  • FULL GLASS CONTAINER - Shaped into a fun, attractive honeycomb design. This material is light yet strong and durable. Fill the dispenser with honey or similar liquids. Twist on the cap then push the center piece. It will start to flow out the bottom. Let go of the center piece and the liquid stops flowing. This gravity fed system is the ultimate way to have your favorite sauce ready to go.

  • STAINLESS STEEL TRIGGER - Only stainless steel top in the market for an ever lasting and top quality BPA free product

  • PERFECT SERVER - Holds 1 cup (8 Ounces) of honey, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, sugar (yes a sugar dispenser) or any liquid you want (just make sure it's not too thick)

  • THOUGHTFUL GIFT - Makes the perfect gift for family, friends, and co-workers.

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